Our clients see the benefits of having happier, healthier staff – we save them time and money and increase productivity and profits.

Qualified psychotherapists, coaches and conflict resolution experts, we are passionate about immersing ourselves in your business to support positive change from within. Supporting and working with you to deliver measurable results, increasing wellness in your organisation and demonstrating improved productivity, sales, motivation and lower absenteeism rates. We will help and support your company and employees to thrive.

Wellness Simplified work to fit your wellbeing needs, supporting SMEs right through to large, national institutions.

What is Workplace Wellness?

The way my Line Manager responded to the death of my mother made me want to leave the company, I ended up being off work for 9 months.”

Employers who ignore the mental health of its employees are missing a trick

We believe that wellbeing in the workplace is about making your organisation a place where the team shine and your results grow. Business is fundamentally about people, our job is to work with your organisation to change behaviour and to increase productivity. It’s Wellness Simplified.

What we can do for you


A consultancy service to help you to build your Wellbeing Strategy

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Wellbeing Strategies

Our range of services bringing wellbeing to the workplace and education

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Conflict Resolution

A conflict resolution service provided by qualified mediators

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What we do

Wellness Simplified will help your organisation to:

* Identify where you can improve wellness in your organisation.

* Transform underperforming teams through wellbeing strategies 

* Improve sales & business growth with motivated and supported managers

A single day off work can help an employee fight a cold, one week off might help them recover from a minor operation or illness, but how long would it take to recover from losing a family member or managing a family crisis? The top employers know how to support employees whilst keeping work productive– a wellness strategy will support your leaders to make choices that will support your business.

Wellness Simplified will change your business for the better

“The cost of a poor work culture within any organisation is dramatic, but fixing it isn’t”

Our experience and expertise alongside years of practicing psychotherapy with businesses and conflict resolution has enabled us to refine how we work with organisations to offer simple and very effective wellness solutions. We know that businesses need tangible, measurable plans that impact on wellbeing, whilst creating working environment that will foster success and improve your organisations performance.

Here at Wellness Simplified we help organisations discover what`s limiting their success and support them in implementing change through our Transform Programmes and bespoke consultation

Wellbeing in the Workplace
Wellbeing in Education
How we work

We work differently to other wellbeing organisations.

Our years of commercial experience, combined with 15 years of delivering psychotherapy and corporate coaching, means we have a unique understanding of the workplace and what’s deliverable and practical for a busy business to thrive. We are passionate about improving staff productivity, workplace culture and helping organisations with their wellbeing plans in a way that benefits both employees and just as importantly your company.


Wellbeing Strategies
Who we work with

“It’s not organisational change – its people change and we are passionate about supporting your team to be the best it can be for your business”

At Wellness Simplified we work with a variety of businesses and organisations big and small. From SMEs that want to establish good practice, businesses going through growing pains and developing staffing issues- right through to national organisations who are looking to tackle behavioural change issues in their workforce as part of wider HR initiatives.



“After a gruelling week working 14 hour days to keep up with the workload my manager instructed us that we would be having an online ‘wellbeing meeting with our CEO’ We all had to down tools and listen to the CEO talk about his vision for the future (whilst the emails were piling up) of the organisation and we were all given a cupcake to eat. They just don’t understand what they are doing to their staff!”

“Our job is to work with your organisation to change behaviour, support your team, save you money and time and to increase productivity -  it’s that simple”

Anne Millne-Riley, Director

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Who we work with

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