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Anne Millne-Riley is our founder and Wellbeing Strategist at Wellness Simplified. Anne is one of the countries leading Psychotherapists and for many years worked for Employment Assistance Programmes supporting individuals who were off work or struggling.  She recognised that companies make the same mistakes over and again when it comes to their staff’s wellbeing and often don’t realise the damage compromised staff wellbeing can do to retention, productivity and profits. She works with managers to develop wellbeing strategies that make staff feel valued and respected - absence levels drop, productivity and creativity increase – its a win-win situation!

Award Winning Results


In 2019 and 2020 Anne was awarded the Global Health and Pharma Award for her work in Mental Health Provision and Education.  In 2020 and 2022 and she was also nominated for an Enterprise Vision Award for her work building and implementing wellbeing strategies for businesses.

Ian is our mediator and wellbeing strategist.  With 40 years in business management, he works with business owners and leaders to identify wellbeing issues and to build effective wellness strategies which increase productivity and happier workforces. As a professional Mediator, Ian handles our conflict resolution service managing workplace conflict and challenging relationships. When work relationships are strained your organisation suffers.  It is Ian’s role to help businesses get back on track, and to improve respect in the workplace ensuring employees are working together effectively

Sam is our Health and Wellbeing Coach, he provides fitness programmes for companies who wish to inject some bespoke fitness sessions into the workplace. For some employees, having a fitness session they can attend at lunchtime or after work might be the only time they have to improve their general health, promote sleep and feel more active and productive.  Providing opportunities for staff to feel more active helps them to feel valued, and can help them to feel more alert, engaged and productive.


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