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Embrace The Possible

Dec 15, 2020

“We cannot choose to have a life free of hurt. But we can choose to be free, to escape the past, no matter what befalls us, and to embrace the possible.”

This inspirational quote was written by Dr Edith Eger, one of the last few survivors of Auschwitz. A colleague shared this quote with me the other day and I decided to do some research on this amazing woman. 

Hers is an amazing story which I have outlined in this blog.  Learn a little more about the life of Dr Edith Eger and to be reassured once and for all that ‘all things are possible’………

Dr Edith Eger was born in Hungary in 1927 and as a young girl excelled at ballet and gymnastics. Indeed she was so good at gymnastics that she would have represented Hungary at the Olympics, where it not for the outbreak of World War 2. Edith and her family were Jews and they fell victim to Hungary`s anti-jewish laws and were deported to Auschwitz in May 1944.

She survived death in the gas chambers, only when it was discovered she was a talented dancer and was forced to dance in the apartment of the evil Dr Joseph Mengele. Her reward for dancing for Mengele was a loaf of bread which she shared with friends in the camp. Towards the end of the war, she and her sister were forced to march with all the other inmates to another camp 55km away, only surviving this ordeal because of the help she received from the same friends she had shared the bread with months before. Once installed at the new camp, the conditions were so bad, Edith ate grass to survive.

When the camp was liberated by the Americans she was taken to a military hospital to recover. There she met her future husband Bela, another Auschwitz survivor.  In 1949 Edith and Bela moved to Texas in America where she went to University to study Clinical Psychology and has since become a specialist in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Dr Edith Eger has written 2 inspiring books ;-

`The Choice’, Embrace the Possible – a feminine perspective on the horrors she witnessed and

`The Gift’ , 12 lessons on how to save your life.

 More quotes from Dr Edith Eger

  1. “It is a universal experience for life not to turn as we want or expect.”
  2. “When we say ‘I can’t’ what we’re really saying is ‘I won’t.’”
  3. “Hope isn’t a distraction from darkness. It’s a confrontation with darkness.”
  4. “Hope is the boldest act of imagination I know.”
  5. “Conflict is human. When we avoid conflict we’re actually moving closer to tyranny than to peace.”
  6. “You can’t heal what you don’t feel.”
  7. “The opposite of depression is expression. What comes out of you doesn’t make you sick; what stays in there does.”
  8. “I’m all for positive thinking, but it goes nowhere unless it’s followed by positive action.”
  9. “It helps when we can meet others as they are, not as we expect them to be
  10. “I’m very selective about who’s going to get my anger, because when I’m angry, I’m the one who suffers.”



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