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Are you Entering the Interview Zone ?

Nov 23, 2020

How to lose the interview nerves and exude self-confidence.

Most people will tell you that they experience anxiety prior to an interview – it’s totally natural.  When you have your sights set on the job of your dreams, the stakes feel really high and the thought of competing against others for it can leave you doubting your abilities.  This has never been more prevalent than now as the pandemic has impacted on the economy and of course employment.

And there is nothing worse than doing poorly at interview purely due to interview nerves.  We’ve probably all been there, you know you could do the job well and you have the necessary experience and skills, but for some reason you feel inhibited and fail to sell yourself well.

So what can you do to find your self-confidence on these important days? Well, first of all you must remember that once you reach the interview stage, you have as much chance as anyone of getting the job!  Your experience and qualifications are similar at this point and it’s usually down to how you come across to the interview panel at this final stage and whether they can relate to you and warm to your personality.  Having said that, it’s time to relax and demonstrate your best side, the side that others appreciate and admire. Try these 10 tips to help you to relax on the day and allow you to shine!

  1. Do all the necessary preparation – ensure you have examples of your achievements and competencies, know plenty about the interviewing organisation, anticipate questions etc. This will help you to feel ‘ready’.
  2. Get plenty of rest and relaxation beforehand and of course an early night the day before.
  3. Take time out to visualise yourself in the new role, how would this look and what talents and experiences could you bring to the position.
  4. Try your interview clothes on beforehand and ensure you feel totally happy and so you know you will feel comfortable on the day.
  5. Do some Mindfulness or a relaxation technique before the interview if you can. Allow yourself to let go of any tension in your body so you can relax and feel more focussed in the interview.
  6. When you arrive – give a pleasant smile to everyone you meet. This helps you to relax and ensures everyone experiences your personal warmth.
  7. Whilst waiting to enter the interview room – breath slowly through the nose and out of your mouth. This will help to relax you and sharpen your focus.
  8. When your name is called, breath slowly and smile. Make sure the first impression the panel have of you is positive.  Smile and greet everyone as you enter, ensure your shoulders are back, chest out and that your body language demonstrates you are open and interested.
  9. Hold your confidence throughout – If you are asked a difficult question, don’t be afraid to pause and give it full consideration before you answer.
  10. Just be you! Being congruent in an interview situation is extremely important – let them see all that you have to offer including your great personality.

And remember, your interview panel are already impressed by your CV or you wouldn’t have been offered an interview at all.  Acknowledge the achievement of getting this far and aim to enjoy the experience!

Anne Millne-Riley, Author of Confidence Guru – Discover a Confident You

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