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Resilience, what it is and how to top it up.

Jan 25, 2021

Who as a young child played with `Weebles’? I`m sure lots of you, let`s just say, of a certain age will remember playing with `Weebles, somewhere between the early 1970`s and mid 1980` s when they stopped making them for a while.

For those of you who may be thinking, `what on earth was a `Weeble’, then let me explain. A `Weeble’ was an egg-shaped character or animal that was weighted at the bottom so that it wobbled when you played with it and never tipped over.

The clever advertisers at the time came up with a very rememberable catch phrase “Weebles wobble, but they don’t fall down”.

So, no matter what little adventures you got your gang of `Weebles` into, they wobbled but they never fell over.

If only that were true for us humans.

Life and circumstances, will at times, conspire against us, to try to knock us over, put us on the floor. It happens to all of us. Therefore, like a `Weeble’, we need to be able to wobble but not fall down. We need to `bounce back’, we need Resilience.

The Oxford dictionary defines resilience as being `able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions’ and to be a successful, happy person it is an ability we all must have. And you know, as humans, we love to see resilience in others. For centuries literature has been filled with characters who are resilient.

We love a hero to bounce back in the face of adversity, Robinson Crusoe, Robin Hood, even Harry Potter all demonstrate resilience in order to prevail, whilst the `bad guy`s’ tend buckle and give up at the first setback.

We like to know that our heroes are tested to the limit, survive a set-back, win through against all the odds and finally walk happily off into the sunset.

As humans, without resilience, that quality of not giving up and being able to readjust our goals and try again, we would never have taken to the air, discovered other continents, defended our country or paved the way for modern science and medicine.

We all experience many setbacks, that will have varying degrees of impact upon us and it is how we bounce back from these setbacks that determine our long-term mental wellbeing. With resilience you can cope and recover from the challenges of job loss, illness relationship breakups, financial problems etc.

The alternative is to allow a bad experience to overwhelm you and you crumble when faced with the challenge. The un-resilient, incapable of bouncing back, will then dwell on their misfortune, feel sorry for themselves and possibly turn to unhealthy methods of coping.

The key is the end result. Do you return from every bad experience with a load of negativity, pain and self-doubt or do you come back better and stronger with a belief that lessons have been learned and you are ready to take on new opportunities in the future.

In essence, resilience is not just about the ability to survive an event, it is also about being ready and willing to grow as an individual and letting go of the negative impact of past events.

Being resilient takes effort and practice and a high degree of positivity that you can and will bounce back, a natural ability that needs to be boosted and made ready to unleash when needed.

If you struggle with resilience I can help. Check out my coaching packages that will enable us together to understand your low resilience and you will learn the techniques and strategies to build your self-confidence and resilience levels to bring a lasting positive change.

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