School and College Wellbeing Programmes


Due to demand we have developed a bespoke wellbeing package specifically targeted at the education sector. We understand that education settings face unique challenges that are not necessarily reflected in the corporate world. Our experience in this sector sets us apart from our peers and offers you a wellbeing package that has been tried and tested in your sector.

Deep Dive

Taking a detailed look at your team, Senior Leadership Team and an Initial fact-finding meeting with the Head Teacher or relevant team member. We start to uncover staff engagement levels, commitment, morale and more. We work out how wellbeing within your business is effecting your education setting.



We will design a staff questionnaire using confidential software to give you insight into your wider organisation. After detailed analysis we will provide you will the report which will outline mental health issues among staff, triggers, underlying issues and recommendations.


We follow up our discover session with the  design and delivery of a bespoke wellbeing strategy, including an action plan and resources to meet the standard of the governments Staff Wellbeing Charter and recommendations of Ofsted’s EIF.



Depending on your organisation’s needs Wellbeing simplified will provide webinars or in-person training delivered by our mental health specialists to target areas for concern on subjects such as: 

  • mental health awareness
  • environment of respect
  • protection from harassment and bullying
  • how to develop resilience
  • effective absence management
  • assertiveness skills workshops

(additional training can be purchased if required

Follow-up consultancy meeting and staff wellbeing assessment (in 6 months)

3 x 12 monthly wellbeing audits to help you to stay on track and continue to respond to changing needs in your workforce


Transform Educate Plus

We understand that often within organisations time and support for implementation of new strategies can be limited, which is why we launched Transform Educate Plus.

In addition to the Transform Educate Programme we can offer two stages of additional support bespoke to your organisational needs.

Option  A - Mentoring & Support


Option  B - Full Implementation

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